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Unlocking Cosmic Harmony: A Journey into Maat / Sexuality

Redefining Sexuality through the Lens of Ancient Wisdom

Have you ever stopped to ponder the intricacies of the word "sex"? Beyond its modern connotations, its etymology leads us to a fascinating revelation.

Derived from the Latin word "sexus," meaning "section" or "to half the whole to separate,"

it unveils a deeper connection between the act itself and the fundamental nature of duality.

In this exploration, we embark on a journey through the realms of Maat, the ancient African concept of cosmic balance, justice, and order.

What unfolds is a profound understanding of the spiritual laws that shape Maat, shedding new light on our physical existence and, more specifically, our seksuality.

The Spiritual Essence Within:

Central to this perspective is the recognition that our physical body is not merely a vessel but the final form of the spirit. It is the only element that separates us, acting as a bridge between the spiritual and physical dimensions. This realisation prompts a paradigm shift, encouraging us to view our corporeal existence in a more profound light.

Maat: The Harmony of Polarity:

At the heart of Maat lies the concept of the harmony of polarity, manifested in the balance between masculine and feminine energies evident in every facet of nature. Applying this principle to our understanding of seksuality unveils a cosmic game at play during the act that creates physical human beings.

The Cosmic Dance of Seksuality:

As we delve into natural meditation, a revelation occurs – the same cosmic interaction, dance, and movement observed during the seksual act can be mirrored on other spiritual levels. This opens the door to experiencing waves of power, freedom, peace, and connection on a profound cosmic scale.

Power Dynamics on the Spiritual Ladder:

A deeper dive into the laws of the spirit reveals a fascinating truth: the higher the spiritual level, the more power one gains over the levels below. The physical body, being the last and least powerful on the spiritual ladder, is simply a conduit to enjoy the powers above it.

The Joyful Harmony of Relationships:

In embracing Maat, relationships take on a new dimension. Engaging with others becomes a joyous expression of freedom, fun, and love, aligned with one's natural inclinations. The harmony achieved in these relationships stands in stark contrast to self-destructive or toxic behaviours.

Constant Evolution in the Game of Spirituality:

Life, viewed as a constant game, mirrors the spiritual journey. Different levels demand varied movements and patterns, with what was acceptable at one level evolving in the next. Embracing change becomes integral as new powers and insights are gained.

In conclusion, the wisdom of Maat unveils a cosmic perspective on seksuality, transforming it into a profound and enlightening experience. As we navigate the intricate dance of energies and embrace the ever-changing game of spirituality, we find ourselves in a continual state of growth and harmony.


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