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Coaching with Mikel

As a Spiritual Health coach, I am here to guide you on your journey to spiritual wellness and to help you create a balanced life between your physical, psychological, emotional, and transcendental rhythms. My aim is to help you identify your highest intentions and create a life that is in alignment with them. This means curating your daily experiences to be a beautiful rhythm of peace, joy, purpose, clarity, and fulfillment.

What is Spiritual Health?

At the core of my work is the understanding that true spiritual health comes from having a clear sense of purpose for why you are alive. I can help you shift your perspective from just existing to having a holistic point of view for why you exist. By grafting purpose from all your inclinations, wants, needs, and desires, you can find purpose and power even in your weaknesses and connect them positively to your strengths and overall highest intentions.

Through spiritual health coaching, you will develop a deeper connection with your true self and learn to navigate life's challenges with grace and ease. If you're ready to experience a higher level of spiritual wellness and well-being, then let's begin this journey together.


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