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Spiritual Games Community

Transform Your Life with WaRoho House

At WaRoho House, we understand that your dreams and your calling are distinct yet interconnected.

Your dreams are shaped by your imagination and talents,

driven by your passions and emotional desires.

Your calling, however, is a profound soul contract a Karmic force that follows you throughout your life.

It's a persistent rhythm urging you to

align your dreams with your higher purpose.

Learn the secrets to 

Harmonize Your

Wildest Dreams and Spiritual Calling





Spiritual Branding Course

Starting JULY 2ND - 4Week Intensive Course

Dive deep into understanding your soul’s calling and how to integrate it with your business, dreams, and creative passions.

Our comprehensive four-week course is designed to help you discover and embrace your spiritual path, creating a harmonious life where your dreams and calling work together.

In-depth Master Classes Covering: 

Soul contracts, Spiritual alignment, and Its  practical application in

business and creativity.

Interactive Sessions: Engage with like-minded individuals in live guided sessions.
Personal Growth: Tools and exercises to help you connect deeply with your inner self.

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Weekly Membership

Be Apart of our Pro-Active Spiritual Games community 

Become a Chezaji Club Member and take part in our weekly Maat Classes and Cheza Roho Games, receive continuous guidance and support in your spiritual journey. This membership is perfect for those who seek regular inspiration and connection with a community dedicated to spiritual growth.

**Weekly Webinars: 

Interactive sessions on Mastering the Laws of Maat in daily practice.
**Exclusive Content:

Access to members-only articles, Cheza Roho Tutorial videos, and resources.
**Community Forums: 

Connect with other members to share experiences and insights.

**Become a Chezaji Club member today and start your journey!**  



1:1 Coaching

Personalized Guidance & Support

For those seeking a more tailored approach, our 1:1 coaching offers personalised sessions to help you align your dreams with your calling.

Work closely with our expert coaches to delve deep into your spiritual path and receive customised guidance to achieve your goals.

**Customised Sessions:** Tailored to your specific needs and spiritual goals.
**Flexible Scheduling:** Sessions designed to fit your schedule.
**Personal Growth Plan:** A step-by-step plan to help you achieve spiritual and personal alignment.

**Book your 1:1 coaching session today and transform your life!**  


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At WaRoho House, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the journey of discovering and embracing your spiritual calling.

Whether through our intensive course, weekly membership, or personalized coaching, we provide the tools and support you need to

harmonize your dreams with your higher purpose.

R U In Da Game Doh?!

Visit []

and choose the path that best suits your needs.

Your spiritual alignment and personal growth start here.


  • Chezaji Club (Study Maat)

    Every month
    Play your Spiritual Game for Material Success
    • Monday Maat Class Living in alignment with Spiritual Law
    • Free Access to Seasonal Courses (Spiritual Branding)
    • Rhythm & Breath Meditation Class (AM)
    • Cheza Roho Adventure Kenya (Eligibility)
    • Receive Personal Blogs from Mikel and the WaRoho Community
  • Spiritual Branding Course (from July 2)

    Harmonise your Business with your Spiritual Calling
    Valid for one month
    • Identify your Spiritual Calling using Maat Kemetic Wisdom
    • Integrate Business /Creative ventures with Spiritual Calling
    • Unlock transformative self awareness tools to leverage gifts
    • Develop Strategic plan to enhance personal brand
    • Access support through guided meditations and assignments
  • 1 ON 1 Coaching

    Every month
    Weekly in depth coaching with Mikel Ameen
    Valid for 3 months
    • ONE 2 ONE weekly Spiritual Health Coaching sessions
    • Personal Maat Tuition
    • Access to all membership benefits
    • Personal Brand Development and tools
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