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Can you feel it: The Call Back to Nature

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In a world that has often strayed far from the balance of nature, a powerful call is echoing across the globe. It's a call to return to our roots, to restore the equilibrium that has been disrupted for too long. Nature is reclaiming its dominion, and as it does so, people of nature are finding themselves summoned back to their essence.

This call extends to African men and women and all indigenous people worldwide, beckoning them to reconnect with their natural heritage.

Whether you've grown up in the heart of America or have never set foot on the motherland, you may have suddenly felt a shift within you. The daily interactions with the artificial and unnatural world may no longer satisfy your soul. I

it's as if a switch has been activated within you.

The routine you've been following for years no longer suffices; it no longer aligns with your inner nature. This isn't a matter of belief; it's a reality that's unfolding before your eyes.

You are being called, and the question is, will you answer that call?

There's only a finite amount of time that the unnatural can persist before nature reclaims its dominion. As a people, you are an integral part of nature, inseparable from it. This is why, no matter how much adversity, oppression, or brutality you've endured throughout history, you've overcome and thrived.

Your connection to nature is unbreakable.

mikel at the VillageLinkUp in Kenya

Returning to nature isn't merely about physically relocating to Africa.

It's a profound shift in your way of thinking and your lifestyle. It's about seeing the world through your own eyes and understanding your relationship with the Earth. Africa holds a special significance in this journey because it still embodies the principles and values of Maat. It's not about imitating others or conforming to unnatural systems; it's about embracing your true self and your natural essence.

As you immerse yourself in nature, you'll begin to hear its whispers and see its signs more clearly. Nature communicates with us in profound ways when we allow ourselves to be enveloped by it. The call to return to nature extends to all of us, transcending borders and backgrounds. It's a universal call to rekindle our connection with the Earth and rediscover the wisdom and harmony that nature offers.

So, as you feel the pull of nature deep within you, remember that you are not alone. The call is universal, and it's beckoning us all to awaken, reconnect, and become the stewards of a balanced and harmonious world in the name of MAAT

For all the family that want to answer the call.

Join us this November for VillageLinkUp our annual Immersive experience in Kenya. click here

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