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The Full Story


WaRoho House is a lifestyle brand dedicated to building & creating spiritual health

solutions for people of nature.

We exist as a healing response to the collective experiences of the African diaspora and mobilise with

the intention of taking responsibility for our future.



Mikel Ameen | World Changer

Mikel Ameen founded WaRoho House in 2020 originally World Changer Life Mikel created the 'W' brand in 2011 with the mission to change the narrative of Black People living in the west. After seeing how the disconnection from the motherland culture, spirituality and community had left so many in the diaspora feeling lost, hopeless and trapped in a vicious cycle of self hate, doubt and despondence 

Mikel saw it as his responsibility to use his creative powers to make some sort of change.


A prolific Artist ,an electrifying performer and a Spiritual Health Coach  Mikel Ameen's one dream is to create a Heaven on Earth for the people of nature.


Mikel begun taking africans in the diaspora to the motherland in 2017 and after 3 years of living in Kenya Mikel came back to the UK at the start of the 2020 Lockdown and founded WaRoho House the Spiritual Health brand dedicated to the culture of Maat. WaRoho House now delivers annual events, programs and experiences in alignment with this mission including,

Cheza Roho, Village Link Up, Back2Nature & Heaven Safari plus more.



Our mission is to create experiences, games, programs, education networks, products and services that empower the spiritual health of African descendants.  We give our users tools to create happy & healthy lifestyles that  empower their confidence and self image. 


Our vision is to become a trusted global network for African centred Spiritual Health education , experience and lifestyle practices. We will close the gap between Africa and its diaspora and forge a universal culture that allows us to connect across borders an social barriers


WaRoho House is supported by the
Africa Caribbean Development Foundation

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