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THE TIME HAS COME: A Call to Return to Africa RIGHT NOW

In a world that constantly evolves, the idea of returning to one's roots is gaining momentum.

Many individuals of the diaspora believe that Africa holds the key to a future where knowledge, education, and a unique mindset can thrive. This sentiment is not just a desire for personal growth but a conviction that moving back to Africa can empower both the continent and its people in ways beyond imagination.

The diaspora carries with it a wealth of knowledge and a powerful love for Africa that could become a catalyst for progress. By returning, individuals bring expertise, a mindset shaped by diverse experiences, and a genuine passion to contribute to the continent's growth.

One significant aspect is the untapped potential in industries like spiritual health. While Africa may have overlooked this sector due to Eurocentric influences, the diaspora, deeply rooted in spiritual practices, can lead the way.

Moving back to Africa offers an opportunity to establish ourselves as leaders in spiritual health, bridging the gap between ancestral wisdom and modern practices.

Acknowledging the challenges, the call to return urges individuals to overcome pride, fears, and reservations. It's about recognizing that our presence in Africa is not only beneficial for us but also crucial for the continent's progression.

The diaspora's unique blend of knowledge, including advanced educational backgrounds, can complement Africa's existing strengths in agriculture, ancestral wisdom, and more.

Often, what seems ordinary in our day-to-day lives becomes a source of fascination and innovation in Africa. Consider the example of someone like sister Nirvana, who possesses in-depth knowledge of the biology of fruits but has never experienced picking a papaya off a tree. The diaspora's presence in Africa unveils the extraordinary richness in resources, like various fruits, that we often take for granted. It's a revelation that can fuel industries, nourish families, and contribute to the dream of Africa becoming a Wakanda of prosperity and advancement.

Our connection with Africa isn't just an individual journey; it's a collective endeavor to fill the missing link that inhibits the continent's full potential. Returning to Africa is about bringing not only our knowledge but also our energy, livelihood, and financial support. It's a transformative act that can redefine the narrative of Africa, turning it into the Wakanda we envision.

In conclusion, the call to return to Africa is a call to action—a call to contribute, collaborate, and cultivate a future where the diaspora and the continent grow together. The missing link is us, our love, and our connection. It's time to embrace the roots that hold the key to a brighter, more empowered future for Africa and its people.

If youd like to be apart of our 2024 vision of building our very own Spiritual Health community in Kenya then please visit and leave your name and email and we will be in touch

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