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The Divine Game: Life, Consoles, and the Wisdom of Ma'at"

Are you in the game tho? You might hear this phrase being shouted during one of our Cheza Roho Games, but many might not know why i always refer to the journey and experience of Maat as a Spiritual Game. Check this out.

We find ourselves as players in the divine game, with the ultimate console being GOD. Life, our game cartridge, is the medium through which GOD experiences the intricacies of existence.

As vessels (GEB), we become the conduits for GOD to immerse itself in the grand adventure of life.

Just like in any game, we are the main characters, navigating through missions and challenges. Regardless of the console (GOD) we possess, we hold the power to change the game at any moment by choosing different cartridges. Yet, the wisdom and experiences gained in previous games linger, much like the shadow we cannot escape.

Life's purpose unfolds as we engage with the diverse experiences it offers. The analogy reveals that each game equips us with the tools we need, challenging the notion that we lack anything essential. Consoles, symbolizing GOD, grant us permission, choice, and the profound gift of free will (Heru).

However, the understanding dawns that GOD doesn't shield us from the consequences of our actions, as the game operates on the natural laws that govern existence. The analogy elegantly mirrors the intricate balance of life, reflecting the laws of Ma'at – truth, justice, harmony, and balance.

In this cosmic game, we are not mere pawns; we are active participants shaping our destinies. The divine game serves as a powerful lens through which we can comprehend and appreciate the profound teachings of Ma'at. As we navigate the currents of energy in motion, the choices we make ripple through the fabric of existence, creating our unique tapestry of wisdom.

In essence, this divine game invites us to embrace the ever-changing nature of existence, acknowledging that each moment is an opportunity for growth and transformation. So, let us navigate these realms with awareness, embodying the principles of Maat, and unlocking the boundless potential that lies within the game of life. 💫✨

Does that make sense? Join our Spiritual Game sessions Live via and learn how to play on your spiritual journey

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