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READ THIS: If you are a 'BADMAN

Family lets talk about the origins of the so called BADMAN.

Our association with "badness" and "wickedness" has transcended its literal meaning, weaving a complex narrative that speaks of rebellion and resilience.

To understand the roots of this association, we must journey back to a time when our original cultural and spiritual practices were unjustly demonised and outlawed.

The true essence of the rebel, the badman, and the vigilante emerged from those who valiantly upheld their culture and traditions, standing defiantly against injustice despite societal demonisation. In a paradoxical twist, being labeled as "bad" became a badge of honor, symbolizing a commitment to championing the underdog, the despised, and the rejected.


The cultural landscape underwent a seismic shift with the rise of HipHop, which amplified the role of these rebellious characters. Suddenly, the badman evolved into superstars, their narratives resonating with a global audience. However, this transformation marked a turning point where the very institutions they once stood against began co-opting their rebellious nature.

As "badmen" became cultural commodities, their essence was bought and sold to perpetuate agendas that further enslaved their communities.

The rebel's nature, once a force for positive change, was now manipulated to distract and subdue.

This shift in dynamics demanded a call to action — a plea to bring back the real badman, the genuine rebels who fought against oppression, not for personal gain but for the collective liberation of their communities.

Badmen of yesterday:

Examining historical figures like Robin Hood, Nat Turner, and Guy Fawkes provides a compelling parallel. These icons were not mere outlaws; they were champions of justice, embodying the spirit of rebellion against oppressive systems. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, Nat Turner led a slave rebellion against tyranny, and Guy Fawkes defied an oppressive regime.

In embracing the legacy of these figures, we are reminded that the true badman is a symbol of resistance against injustice. It's a clarion call to separate the authentic rebel from the commodified version, to reclaim the narrative and redefine what it means to be a badman in the pursuit of genuine freedom, justice, and cultural preservation.

thanks for reading.

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