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Mikel's Daily Download - What are emotions?

Spiritual health with Mikel overview - Wed 9th 2020

What are emotions? Emotions are forces of nature that you get to use as tools to move through life. Take music for instance, music creates emotions (energetic forces of nature) which then can be used to activate and animate your movements e.g. dance. This is the same way emotions can be used to activate your movements towards a goal.

Have you ever cried at Disney movie? Yes the answer is yes everyone has been touched emotionally by a Disney movie. From the characters to the story to the sound design and we can not forget the music!! Disney films just have that affect on you, whether young or old, you FEEL the films. It’s s powerful because all a film is is it’s a combination of images, sounds frames and words which are all put together using a unique code to make us feel. The music’s vibrational energy alone can trigger energetic forces of nature within us that allows us to connect to a story on a deeper level. Sound vibration - Sound energy -Energy.

How to start your spiritual health journey?

A simple yet effective way to start your spiritual health journey is to follow your highest excitements. Life is always working in your favour. All things, lessons, obstacles, challenges and even excitements will lead you back to Ausar= zero. Ausar is the state of consciousness in which we are, which equals peace. All things that you experience in life are bringing you back to Ausar, good or bad.

Following your highest excitement allows you to purposefully use positive emotions as a tool to assist you on your journey back to peace. Yes challenges obstacles and even trauma are also brought to you with one goal. To remind you of which you are which is peace and to challenge you to find that peace within. If everything in life is leading you back to one destination, you may as-well do it with joy and excitement right?

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