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Heaven Is Not a Destination | Heaven Is a Mode of Transport

In our journey through life, we often cling tightly to things, moments, and pleasures, fearing that they will never return. We act as though life is a fixed destination, and once we've arrived at a pleasurable experience, we become consumed by it, desperately wanting to keep it from changing. After all, we've finally reached our desired destination, So why should we let it go?

However, it's essential to realize that life is not a destination but a perpetual, ever-transforming safari, an ongoing journey. When we can truly understand and accept this, we recognise that there's no need to grasp onto things because life's journey will bring them back to us through its constant and beautiful rhythm.

Life as a Never-Ending Journey:

Life is like a never-ending journey that takes us to various stations of experiences, which some might call different ages or stages of life. Whether it's a moment of pain or pleasure, it never remains the same for long. Life beckons us to board its train once again for the next stop, and all we carry with us from the last station are memories, lessons, traumas, allies, enemies, and wisdom.

These are the souvenirs of our journey.

These stations, whether they bring pain or pleasure, are opportunities for us to understand more about our divine selves. Not all souvenirs are worth keeping; in fact, most should be left where they were found because they can interfere with the experience of our next station. The memorabilia we carry from the last station hinders our ability to fully embrace the new one. It's like having to leave a fun time with friends to attend work or other responsibilities, which can be disturbing and troublesome.

Embracing the Wisdom of Children:

What if we approached life with the attitude and perception of children while combining it with the wisdom that comes with adulthood?

What if we allowed ourselves to immerse fully in every moment, playing with the energy it presents, wide-eyed and attentive?

We would detach wholeheartedly from what was and repeat the practice of fully engaging with what is.

By adopting this approach, we can experience life more profoundly, cherishing every moment and treating everything that comes into our sphere of existence as an ally rather than an enemy.

The exercise that comes with this way of life is sacrifice, although we may need to find a more suitable word without the connotations of suffering and loss. It's about giving up or abstaining from something that provides immediate pleasure, emotionally securing us, and learning how to board the train of life whenever it calls for departure.

Conclusion: Life is not a destination; it's a journey filled with constant change and transformation. To fully experience this journey, we must embrace each moment, practicing the art of letting go and allowing life's rhythm to guide us. Sacrifice, in the sense of giving up immediate pleasures, is the exercise that can help us build the strength to let go when nature calls. By doing so, we can turn our lives into a continuous adventure, an ever-evolving safari, and experience heaven not as a distant destination but as the mode of transport through which we navigate the beautiful journey of life.

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