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Follow your ART for Spiritual Health

Peace Family I am here to remind you that life is a profound and beautiful game, a journey of play and spiritual enlightenment. Today, I want to inspire you to look at art from a new perspective, to explore the profound connection between artistic expression and your inner well-being.

Finding Your MAAT

First and foremost, I want to challenge the way we traditionally view art. Art is not confined to painting, singing, or dancing. It goes beyond these conventional boundaries and encompasses your natural inclinations. It's about those things that make you feel spiritually healthy and connected with life.

To find your Maat, you need to tap into two fundamental practices with your ART:

  1. Giving Seeking Nothing in Return: Your art should be an act of selfless love. It's about offering your talents and passion to the world without expecting personal gain or external validation.

  2. Emotional Expression of Oneness: Your art should be a path to connect deeply with everything and everyone. It should foster a profound sense of unity and wholeness.

Take some time to reflect on what activities allow you to express these qualities of love and oneness. This self-discovery process is the first step in unlocking your spiritual potential.

Turning Your Art into a Spiritual Practice

Once you've found your art, I encourage you to take it a step further. Transform it into a spiritual practice that infuses every aspect of your life. This isn't just about creativity; it's about your inner fulfilment and spiritual nourishment.

By dedicating yourself to your art as a spiritual practice, you naturally set boundaries in your life. Every "yes" to your art becomes a "no" to anything that doesn't align with your spiritual journey. This sends a powerful message to others about your values and what you stand for.

Expanding Our Definition of Art

I challenge all of us to broaden our perception of art. It's not limited to traditional performing or creative arts. Your art can encompass any natural inclination to play, have fun, and extract wisdom from life. What truly matters is how your art makes you feel spiritually healthy and connected with life.

For me, the ultimate joy is mastering ceremony. It's about collating energy, creating unity, and being a conduit to oneness. I express this through various activities like speaking, dancing, and performing. My life revolves around this practice, aligning my career and artistic journey with my spiritual calling.

Merging Art and Spirituality

What I want you to remember is that art and spirituality are not separate paths but one beautiful journey. It's about embracing your art as a means to fulfill your spiritual calling. This perspective challenges the conventional division between one's career and artistic practice, advocating for their seamless integration.

The journey back to spiritual health is akin to returning to a state of oneness with the universe. It's rewarding yet challenging, and it involves cultivating self-awareness, setting boundaries, and dedicating yourself to your art, your love service to the world.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with this:

Your art is your unique expression of love and your conduit to spiritual well-being. It's an inner journey, using your art as a bridge between creativity and spirituality, and ultimately leading you back to oneness with the universe. Remember, you are an artist of your life, and your canvas is waiting for your masterpiece. Embrace it and embark on your journey of inner fulfillment today.


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