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Daily Downloads - Rebuilding, Plant medicine & Heaven

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you want to live in paradise, you have to be dedicated to creating it.

If you want to experience heaven in this lifetime, you must become heaven. You must edit, rearrange and redesign your life to align with your vision of heaven. It’s the same way if you owned a gym and one day decide that you want to turn it into a salon, you have to de-construct everything it was before. You’ll have to strip walls, rebuild, redecorate and maybe even recruit new people to assist you with the transformation.

If you want to become something new, you have to say goodbye to who you were before. It is never too late to rebuild. In the process of living your best life you have to go through a process of destroying what doesn’t align. The death of one thing is the birth of something else. The death of the caterpillar is the birth of the butterfly. Destroying and rebuilding is a part of the process of creating heaven. Sometimes it is a re-occurring theme, we live, we learn, and we allow parts of us to die in order for the new to be born. It is never going to be easy. Sentimental and emotional attachments are real! It’s not about what we are going after,but what we must give up in order to gain what we want and what is for us.

What are you being called to give up? Most of the time the things we are being called to give up are the things that seem like the world to us so giving it up seems like a loss. Sometimes it can be hard to give up something that’s physical for something that’s not physical. Most of us struggle to recognise the beauty in receiving, even when it’s not tangible. What we must understand is that we are one: asaur, this means that when we give up something we have to receive something else.

When you are on rhythm, you indulge in the pleasures as they come and let go when it’s time to. You are at true peace when these things go, understanding that it’s time has been served.

Do plants have a role to play on a spiritual journey?

The answer is yes, all herbal medicines have a role and allow us to experience a different version of our reality. They take us into different experiences of ourselves and of nature. It is the same way that in water we act and react differently. Some of us love the water and embrace it, we find peace both being in it or listening to it and even drinking it whereas others may be fearful of water. They become anxious when in it or dislike the thought of even drinking it.

Everything God has created has its place and rightful use in our life especially the plants, animals and herbal medicines. It is as soon as something is done out of spiritual practice that it becomes abuse. Our lack of understanding that we are one with nature and our sensations allow us to lust over things. We must remember whilst participating in herbal medicines or any of nature’s other creations that we are not them. Referring back to water, you may love swimming in water but you must understand that you can only swim for a certain amount of time. Just like everything else, you must know when to stop. Not everything is for everyone, some of us are called to participate in things to assist our spiritual journeys. In order to understand how a practice adds to your journey, you must be able to participate and observe. Everything is guided by who and where you are and your understanding of yourself.

Are babies born into heaven or do they have to create it throughout life?

We come from the unconditional realm of righteousness into human existence as singular entities. This means you, me, your mum and your grandparents have all come into this life as individual beings. This is our first time in a human experience as ourselves. This means that we have no choice but to go through a process of learning about this human life. As we grow and manifest we come across and relate with other energies (people) that are also learning. A pool of energies roaming around Earth in search of peace. Our subconscious knows that our nature is peace, this is why some of us commit ourselves to creating heaven on earth. Heaven is a harmonious energy that allows us to go through life in peace. Life is the process of understanding the harmony our vehicles need to experience peace.

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