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Daily Downloads - Become an innovator of your world

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We have so many concerns about technology and how much information is exposed. How we are watched and listened to on a daily basis through our speakers and our phones. We are worried about the devil listening, we are worried about how they may use our private information against us. What we don’t always understand is that what the devil is capable of is overrated. We are we were born into hellish conditions. We have heard from the devil throughout life, through experiences, through Music, through global pandemics, through the suffering of our people we know how hellish things can be. It’s time to seek God. To live a life of righteousness, indulge and align with our versions of heaven here on earth.

God and righteousness is the true worthy focus. God is watching. Our children are watching. Our future children and even our children’s children. It is important that we are pushing out and creating content and lifestyles that we can be proud of. Make sure you’re pushing out more of what we want them to see. Unlike the devil God will use this information you put out to build your life’s foundation and the lives of future generations.

Put it this way, the children of 2099 will be using Google or whatever search engine access they have to research, to explore, to learn, to be guided by the lives that we live today. Your life is your statement. Stand by it, wear it loudly and with confidence.

How are you innovating into this life so that we and others can live a better life. We can’t be mad at the devil for creating things that fit his life view.

Take responsibility of your life experience. God is rooting for you.

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